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Locks, Blocks, and Deadlocks



Thursday, May 14th, 2015 @ 5:30 PM
(You must RSVP by 9:00 AM, the Wednesday prior to the meeting to attend)



Microsoft Technology Center, 200 East Randolph Drive, Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60601



Kyle Neier



These terms seem to be thrown around all the time – but what do they all mean? In this session we’ll explore the different isolation levels in SQL Server and how they affect the way that blocking and locking behave within the database engine. We’ll dive into the most common locks and how they can be leveraged and avoided to improve your application experience. Once locks are explored, we’ll discuss the dreaded deadlock and explore techniques to detect and mitigate this troublemaker in your environment.



Kyle has been working professionally with computers since 1995, the past 15 years being dedicated to SQL Server. He currently works as the Lead Database Architect for Apparatus (Apparatus.net) where he continues to chase his passion to automate DBA processes. He is a proud father of 5, a leader of the local PASS chapter (www.indypass.org), a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), and enjoys sharing his passion for SQL Server with others by speaking and mentoring at local and regional events.




Availability Groups versus Clustered Instances of SQL Server

Availability Groups versus Clustered Instances of SQL Server